A truly unique infinity egg locket personalised with the gemstone of your choice.
Choose your birthstone, your child's or loved one's, or the colour or healing stones power you love the most.

Create a unique and very precious gift

Each necklace comes with your choice of six genuine Swarovski crystal birthstones
Select your choice of birthstones - any combination you like
Please note - colours may vary according to the settings on your computer
Locket measures - 13mm x 28mm
Comes on an 18" chain - other sizes available at no extra cost 
Presented in a SEODRA gift box 



January: Garnet – Energy, Courage
February: Amethyst – Protection, Healing
March: Aquamarine - Calming
April: Diamond Crystal - Healing, Energy
May: Emerald - Prosperity, Love
June: Alexandrite – Calm and Peaceful, 55th wedding anniversary
July: Ruby – Prosperity, 40th Anniversaries
August: Peridot – Balance, Clarity
September: Sapphire – Love, 65th Anniversaries
October: Pink Tourmaline – Happiness, Luck
November: Topaz– Positivity, Prosperity
December: Turquoise Zircon – Good Fortune, Wisdom

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Locket

Chain Length